8 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips you need to Learn from Roberts Yakubu

Apologies if the title above reminds you of Robert Gayle in 2018 hit movie, Acrimony. It's not meant to remind you that: 1. Google, Apple, etc, hasn't offered you $75mil in return for your great cooking skills or whatever products/services you're offering; 2. that you haven't shut your 'haters' up with a cheque of $10,000,000 - (no offense, Melinda); 3.  and... discussions that have to do with whether you own a yacht or not, shouldn't include a blogger like me.  Yeah, I'm no gossip blogger... Alright, for the sake of people who haven't watched  this movie in question, I'd stop there. But, what are those  powerful Instagram Marketing tips a Roberts Yakubu somewhere can teach you?  A chef whose secret wish is to buy cooking ingredients at the lowest discounts possible, and become recognized for his/her cooking prowess? Yay or nay?  

6 Instagram Lessons Laura Ikeji can Teach You as a Restaurateur

I know what you’re thinking. Considering the stack of customer's invoices in front of you, a post titled '6 Instagram Lessons Laura Ikeji's page can Teach You as a Restaurateur’, sounds too hip and trendy to be of any real or tangible value to you as a restaurant owner. In fact, reading anything about Laura Ikeji pose a 'threat' to your dreams of owning branches from the deep suburbs of Surulere (Small London) to the most serene environment of Lagos Island.